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Fintech Is Growing - Exponentially

Global investments in Fintech companies have grown from $US3.0 billion in 2012 to US $23 billion in 2015, and is forecast to reach US $45 billion by 2020. 

We're Here To Help Accelerate The Ecosystem

Victoria is well placed to play a significant role in the emergence of Fintech. In fact, the Melbourne fintech market is estimated to account for around 30% of Australia's fintech sector with a market size around $0.3 billion.

A recent study undertaken by EY for the Victorian Government indicated that there is currently around 60-80 local Fintech businesses operating in Melbourne. This number is rising and Fintech Victoria is here to help by amplifying, growing and connecting the ecosystem.


We're here to help amplify what's happening in the ecosystem through highlighting the startups, VCs, hubs and other community members helping to build the ecosystem.


We're here to assist in building the quality and quantity of startups, founders and talent in the Victorian ecosystem.


We're here to foster connectivity between all the members of the ecosystem.


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